Sunday, 10 February 2013

Snow and Cold

Snowing yet again today. But I wouldn't have got out in any case as I'm sneezing my head off and in danger of serious dehydration as my nose is running like a tap!

Good job I got a 20 plus miler in yesterday over the hills from Sheffield to home. I seem to be just about keeping my running fitness going by somehow getting a longish run in most weekends.

And during the week it remains gym work although I did get a couple of outdoor runs in last week.
It's certainly made me think whether even I've been guilty of over-training on the running front in the past - because my long runs have gone extremely well and fitness levels have held right up.

Certainly our physio has been trying to get people to do less but with more intensity and overload during the week. And I've never been one for running 100 mile plus weeks. Although of course to do marathons in succession at some stage you have to get yourself used to going out day after day - but that can wait a bit I think.

Let's hope for better weather and a return to full health next week.

I want to test the maxim that you only start to live when you're out of your comfort zone!

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