Sunday, 9 December 2012

Now That's What I Call a Training Run - 1!

Was supposed to be going down to Stratford yesterday to run a marathon. What with the weather and the prospect of a very early start to run round a few flatish loops near Stratford I decided to abandon.

Instead I got up early and embarked on a long hilly training run from Endcliffe Park, Sheffield. Road hills is what I need now and lots of them.

It was milder than forecast and just drizzling a bit as I left Endcliffe Park at 6.45am - bound for Hathersage via Dore, Totley, Owler Bar, Fox  House. And back along Ringinglow Road past Higger Tor and Stanage Edge.

Not that surprised to find a few icy patches as I climbed out of Totley as the sun rose to my left. And so it continued past Fox House making running a bit dodgy in places and slowing me down a bit.

But astonished to meet the conditions going up Ringinglow and for miles over the top. Thick white sheet ice and snow. I could have done with my Siberian spikes. So it all turned into rather an adventure - and a long one at that as progress was not easy! 3 hrs 55 mins on the clock.

However, the views and the day were stunning - brilliant sun, ice and snow. And very very few people and/or cars. Have a look at the video - one of those days to die for. So glad I was filming.

As far as fitness goes -  left leg just about recovered from dog disaster. Knee still sore but only if you move it laterally or try to raise it too high; so I can run without noticing it. General fitness is very good with a couple of new core exercises in the gym really paying dividends. Just got to keep the weight off over Christmas now!

Enjoy a great run

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