Monday, 19 November 2012

Dog End

Thursday 15th November around 7.15pm I round the corner onto the last 2 mile straight of a regular evening run. We're next to a main road on the pavement and it's dark - and I mean very dark as the local council decides to save money by having only the other side of the road illuminated. But no problem - I've run it countless times before and it's only a short stretch until the illumination switches back to my side.

Then in an instant I'm down - as though I've run into a small wall with my left leg. Searing pain, confusion - and a yelping. Which doesn't sound like me and a quick check confirms it isn't me. But it is a medium sized black dog. Off the lead, owner not yet in sight, it didn't see me and I didn't see it. Both of us shocked and surprised!

No breaks, no ruptures, but severe strain, lots of swelling, bruising and still very tender to the touch from knee down through calf. I am mobile again and robbling (*) a little better each day - but my final outing of the year in early December is in doubt. No point in running a whole marathon in pain when you don't have to - but a few miles is controllable and good practice!!

To answer all the texts and emails I have received - yes, as far as I know the dog is fine. And thank you for your concern - it's good to know how much you all think of me!!

* a cross between running and hobbling

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