Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Kielder Marathon

Sunday, another glorious day, another marathon - this time a lap of Kielder Water in Northumberland. The course is a typical well trodden trail course - quite wide, compacted and decent underfoot. Also constantly undulating with some naughty little climbs occuring regularly throughout. All in all enough to make it harder than I expected.

Having done Langdale 2 weeks ago and with another decent training run last weekend, it's all beginning to come together. Very pleased with 4:12 on such a course. Gym work is also going well - shape and weight on target. Running will come last in overall preparations for next year - I'm proving at the moment that over the space of a few weeks you can get the running there as long as you've got a decent base. Most importantly I completed without any distress and felt fine - strength and stamina rather than speed.

So three weeks off now until Preston and then the Pembroke Coastal Challenge in November. 3 marathons in 3 days along the soaring atlantic coast cliffs. A running challenge and a vertigo challenge for me - who hates heights!

Great to see Jim at Kielder - and Jim running better and enjoying himself. Yes Jim - you will re-capture that form and you will be beating me again soon!

Enjoy the run as always: here it is!


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