Sunday, 1 July 2012

Mr Consistent in the Land of the Prince Bishops

In other words I ran exactly the same time as last week (to within 20 seconds!), but this week in Hamsterley Forest, County Durham!
I didn't see any Prince Bishops - at least I don't think I did. I'm not sure I'd know one if I saw one.  I do recall sitting next to one many many years ago in the Chapel in Durham Castle - but he's dead now. In fact he didn't seem very alive even then....

The course was like a lollipop - run up the stick (approx 2 miles) then round the lollipop three times (approx 7.5 each time), then back down the stick. The lollipop was quite difficult - I'm told a solid 4 mile climb to start with - with two very sharp hills indeed. All on forest track - but by and large wide and well made forest track.

Overall it was about the same level of difficulty as last week - some thought it harder, others easier. So that'll be about the same then. Only around 80 of us doing it, a new event, well organised, pleasant atmosphere, good challenge.

Oh - and I met Guy Martin who'd just finished mountain biking. He's the maverick Isle of Man TT rider who had a massive crash in 2011 - and thought that defined really living! When asked to explain why he did the TT he said:

"I was driving down the dual carriageway and saw a guy about my age, in a people carrier, kids in the back, bonnet up, steam coming out of the engine, wife at his side giving him all that. What's he do at the weekend? Mow the grass? Wash the car? I mean, how can I explain something like this to someone like that? It's just not in his DNA.”

Ever been asked to explain why you do marathons??

No film today - didn't want to carry a camera for 3 laps of the same course, so a couple of stills for you (group photo courtesy of my good friend and wonderful runner Gary Wade of Holmfirth).

(named the race after me!)

No more runs for 6 weeks now - so back to strength training and training runs - need to reach another strength level now with some more strength endurance work with weight. It's no longer about speed, it's all about strength and injury and stress free running day after day.

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