Tuesday, 5 June 2012

A Sudden Return to Winter

Cold north wind blowing along the edge straight, icey rain stinging cheeks, mist reducing visibility, fingers too cold to fumble with shoelaces - yes you guessed it. Sunday June 3 2012!

A mixed week  of training - gym and running every day except Thursday which found me in London. Where the weather was fine so I walked St. Pancras, City, return. And with Baslow Boot Bash looming on Saturday (26.2 miles if you get the route right so I've been brushing up on my map reading) I had to choose between running long and running right.

So I chose to run with friends Sunday, Monday, Tuesday on a variety of peak district terrains - white edge, Abney, Stanage, and a lot of boggy ground in between. Great for getting used to the terrain again but will probably be a bit short of the distance on Saturday.

Sorry no video - given the weather I didn't trust I'd get my camera back in one piece and operational. I'll try again next week as I'll be taking the Boot Bash in a leisurely fashion.

One lesson remembered - get back on the fells to repair and strengthen your feet. Infinite improvement of the right foot after three fell days. Although that could be not having to wear work shoes for three days - hope you all enjoyed your Diamond Jubilee!

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