Sunday, 24 June 2012

Son of York Conquers Lancaster Castle

Ha ha - yes! Your Son of York made this summer glorious with a conquest of Lancaster Castle marathon.
But my word it took some conquering! Described as "undulating", it was frankly brutal. Wiser and more experienced runners than me, the Godfather Steve Edwards being one, agreed it was far harder than Windermere.
Starting with a noticeably steep climb for over a mile there was no let up. Tough climbs in the first half were but mere hillocks compared with the himalyan ascent for over 2 miles from just before 18. Then an agonisingly steep descent.
A run in to the finish?? No way - another steep climb from before 24 to well through 25 and into 26.

I wasn't expecting great things having been ill during the week with food poisoning - but in fact I went quite well. Strong to the last, not overtaken from mile 11 and going past loads on the hills as I managed to keep running when most were walking.

The only thing that held me back was cramp in the last 4 - as usual in my right calf. But still with energy and no real bad patches. Only water on the course plus an early start with bereakfast at 5.30am for a 10.00am start probably contributed. Finished on 4:19 and pleased with that. I think the training is gradually paying off. Not faster, but stronger which is exactly what I want.

It was also the most pleasant day for meeting old friends and having a chance to relax and chat afterwards. Gary Wade and Malc Collins departed before I finished as per usual - always chat to them beforehand!  But so nice to spend time afterwards with Paul Dewar, Matt Dunn, Sally Ford (second woman), Steve Edwards (m vet 45 winner), Teresa Edwards and Michael Greehan. Also special mention to Rosemary Nixon over from Annecy to complete her 100th marathon!! Thanks all for making it a great day!

Video now ready - the rain hasn't helped it, but I think it captures the event!
Do watch on YouTube if you want higher quality.

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