Sunday, 17 June 2012

Random Ramble

I'd hoped to have a great run in the Peak District with video for you today. Alas, and unusually for me, not feeling too good so I didn't venture out.

So just a few random topics today. Training over the week since the Baslow Boot Bash has gone well with some good shorter runs and a full gym programme which is beginning to pay dividends.

I've been doing some research on multi marathon attempts, and of course I'm very familiar with the Brathay 10 in 10 challenge having done it in 2010 and been closely involved in 2011 and 2012. Quite a few people have done multi day challenges and they all seem to call them "x" marathons in "x" days. Interestingly very few of them actually are. The word "marathon" is a great headline grabber.

Most of them are the equivalent mileage, and whilst most set out to do the distance every day, few actually achieve it and have to have days off. To be fair some of them ( a very few) have then gone on to make up the mileage in the remaining days which is a tremendous effort. But it still isn't "x" marathons in "x" days.

However, what really interests me are reasons for failure. And these are virtually without exception front leg injuries. Usually shins, but also quads. And the occasional achilles tendon problem. So there is no question but I have to concentrate very hard on getting these strong and durable. I already do this with gym work, but will have to start to add weighted running and repeat hill running to get them used to abnormal impact weights and repetition.

I gave this a try-out on Friday - carrying a weight in a ruck sack and using a significant "v" shaped downhill and uphill near home. Gradient around 20%. Run out to said section then run down, up the otherside, back down and back up to starting point - then repeat. I did it twice but will increase this to a time based session once per week next year, building up to doing it for an hour I think.

And finally, last night I went to support my gym colleague Richard Towers as he fought for the EU Heavweight Boxing crown. What a night, what a fight! RT had his opponent down in the 2nd. But by the fifth he was hanging on, out on his feet with rubber legs and saved by the bell. Somehow he recovered and was composed in the 6th, had his opponent down many times in the 8th and won by TKO early in the 9th. So Champion it is - but didn't half give us and himself a scare!

Next week - assuming recovery to full health - the Lancaster Castle Marathon. 

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