Monday, 21 May 2012

Run the Brathay Windermere Marathon 2012

Apologies for late post - arrived back late last night and it's taken ages to upload my videos.

The Windermere Marathon was a wonderful event as usual and for once blessed with glorious weather.
Sunday marked my 16th time round the lake in either official or unofficial events and yet again it was a different experience.

The first 20 miles were fine and reasonably fast - but then I got quite severe cramping in my right leg in particular. Probably because I forgot my drinks, gels, food - in fact everything except myself! So a few stretch stops were required.

And today my quads are unusually concrete like for me. My recovery gym session and run were agony - every lift and step was like prodding a really big swollen tender bruise. All good practice though.

My troublesome right foot survived the run with only a few aches. Certainly no worse, but still not giving me anything at all - just a useless flat paddle on the end of my leg!

But of course the main accolades of the day go to all this year's 10 marathons in 10 days runners. Great achievements by all and you are very welcome to the club. I must also mention Helen Towers - our great friend for more years than I can count - who ran her first marathon and finished in a very creditable 4:31. So pleased for you Helen.

Enjoy the video - this is a bit of what it's like to run and finish in a largish marathon field on a most beautiful course. It's a bit jiggly in places - I'll try to concentrate more on the filming in future. I must have been running too hard!

A review of progress next week and an update on the final challenge! 

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