Sunday, 27 May 2012

Reflections and Revelations in the Sun

I ran the Sheffield half marathon today with my daughter and her friend George - both up from London specially for the event. And it was a hot one! Quite a few collapses and ambulances in the last three miles. And that completed quite an intense week with 4 consecutive gym days and running everyday, although no great mileage.

Progress report:
  • strength work - good, improved all body parts both reps and weight
  • weight - holding around 82kgs. Need ultimately to get to around 80.
  • relative strength - improved
  • core - improved and some decent high intensity stuff with added weight.
  • balance - getting better. Right leg still difficult.

  • running - not bad, not good. In truth probably not doing enough long distance stamina work. Hampered by right foot injury which is gradually improving. I seem to push it so far then it breaks down - but with each cycle I think it's getting stronger. The Catch 22 is that to train my calves I need to use my feet. But this stresses my right foot which eventually gives up. But it's always been like this.

And so - a partial reveal of the Final Challenge!! First thing to say is that it will not be until September 2013 to avoid clashes and to dovetail with other things. So I've still got over a year to improve my strength, fitness and stamina - or another year to have to keep fit depending on how you look at it!
Secondly the main purpose of my final challenge will be to do some very serious corporate fundraising and so it is geared round the facility for others to attend, spectate, help, participate and generally have some fun and fulfilment whilst I'm suffering!
It will last a month and it will be a month of marathon madness. During the month I will be tackling a couple of the toughest marathon courses in the world, repeatedly and in both directions on a self-supporting basis.
This will be so difficult that I will undoubtedly have some very long days - but I'm hoping to get company out on course at least some of the time.

So back to the relevance of the progress report - step one is to get the body where it needs to be to support me for the month, step two is to keep the running ticking over, step three is to start building multi-day intensity into the running and getting used to being out a long time. The great news about step three is that it can wait until well into next year. So the fact that at the moment the running is suffering due to lack of intensity and too much strength work - is just about right I reckon!

Well - I have to convince myself .... Next week hope to bring you a video of a nice peak district Sunday run with some of my gang. 

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