Monday, 7 May 2012


A week of contrasts and some marathons entered!

I found myself dining with the Chancellor on Friday (and a smattering of Lords, Ladies and Commodores) and with wonderful friends Jim and Anji Meta, Diane Shaw, Scott Umpleby and others on Saturday at the Leeds version of the Brathay Spring Ball.

My foot was giving me a lot of grief earlier on in the week, yet is now showing signs of improvement and covered around 23 hilly miles in training yesterday and a recovery blast on the treadmill today.

I think my "hyper usage" sessions on Friday and Saturday helped - jogging with an exaggerated usage of the full range of foot movement. I also kept off the leg weights at the gym so as to keep heavy weight pressure off it, and have been compressing it with a cohesive bandage for running. Hold it all together tightly then the broken bits can't move around too much!!

Whilst my gym training has been going really well I've decided I can't keep up the really long training runs at home - so I've entered a few events to force me to keep the miles high. It's a mental thing!
  • Windermere Mara 20 May
  • Sheffield half 27 May
  • Baslow Boot Bash 9 June (off road full mara with maps and check points)
  • Lancaster Castle Mara 24 June
  • Hamsterley Forest Mara 1 July
  • Northumbria Coast Mara 19 August
  • Great Langdale Mara 22 September (the toughest road mara in the world according to itself!)
  • Preston Guild Mara 28 Oct

One or two gaps to fill in and some more to enter later on - but a nice schedule with some that are only being run once ever (Lancaster Castle, Preston) and some smaller beautiful countryside ones - the rest.
Also all in the North for a change! I tried to get into Swaledale on the recommendation of Naomi but alas 'twas full.

So look out for some great film footage - I will try to film them all as I'm not overly bothered about times.

Next week the Brathay 10 Marathons in 10 Days challenge starts - I shall be going up to help for the first few days and good luck to all participants, especially Jim and Diane who have both done so much here in Yorkshire to raise funds and profile for the great charity that Brathay is.


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Kate Mc said...

Hi Chris, Kate from Leeds here. Congrats on your Siberian Marathon! You missed an event out of your about the Chester Marathon on October 7th? It would fit into your programme nicely!! I've been so inspired reading about the 10 in 10. Well, my first ever marathon is coming up on Sunday...maybe see you at the end (more likely the start, actually!!) Kate