Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter

What a great Easter for training - even though the return to arctic conditions is a little disappointing.
Good Friday was 20 miles mainly on road from home out to Penistone, up to Royd Moor Wind Farm. Enjoyed a nice currant tea cake with jam for lunch on the move - You can see I go in for hi tech nutrition.

Saturday 10 miles on road from Endcliffe Park followed by a great gym session, and today another 10 miles or so - intended to be just a road run, but couldn't resist tackling Higger Tor and Mother Cap even though shod in my gleaming gold road shoes.

And that's the video for you. Hope you enjoy it - road, snow, drizzle, rocks, bogs. A bit of everything! YouTube suggested tags for my videos are "car"; "funny"; "cute" - that's artifical intelligence for you!!

(do watch through YouTube, set quality to highest possible and expand screen. It makes a lot of difference - actually filmed in 720pHD) 

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