Sunday, 29 April 2012


My right foot got worse this week. A bit of a Catch 22 really - I need to train my right leg to get the strength into my calves, quads etc. But the pressure of the weight makes my foot worse. A trade off I've been used to over several years and my usual plan involves stopping weights on my legs two weeks before an event.

By Friday I couldn't walk without it hurting really quite badly - a combination of arthritis in a couple of toe joints and general collapse.

I was up at Brathay Trust on Friday to meet the trustees and was determined to put in a long run along part of the marathon course on Saturday. So come Saturday morning I strapped my right shoe on as tightly as possible and wore two socks for a bit of compression and extra support - and off I went.

Miraculously I made it to Lakeside (about 11 1/2 miles), turned round and ran back - the first time I've ever run back up the west side of the course. And very little problem apart from the usual tiredness. So just to check things out I tackled a very challenging 7 mile road loop around Hathersage this morning in absolutely appalling conditions - very cold, hail, sleet and such strong wind that it physically stopped me in my tracks twice. Just could not make forward progress agains it.

And my foot? Fine!! So yet again I've found that by pushing on through you can overcome almost everything apart from breaks and total tears.

So some unexpectedly fine filmage from Windermere yesterday. And Mr Jones - I managed to contort my right hand enough so you can see that it really is me (near start of second video) and I'm not just adding a bit of commentary to film shot from my car!

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