Friday, 2 March 2012

Race Number 1 - No pressure!

Yes - that's right. I'm number 1!! Just come back from the pre race briefing. We're running it the other way apparently due to Baikal "breathing". That means cracking - in the wrong place. Although it might heal up tonight apparently. Also a few problems with "pancake" ice. Think they got the translation wrong - we gather it's where the surface freezes into tiny spikes and golf ball like lumps. Very bad for the feet and dangerous to run on. So these will now be at the end - when we are tired! I suppose they didn't want to put people off in the first few ks. They've also not really got the end sorted - we'll get a lift back sometime, meanwhile there's a tent with a fire in it - and we may have to stop halfway in a log cabin for the second leg of the journey back! Sorry about the formatting - can't put paragraphs and things in for some reason out here. Next blog - post race all being well.


Anonymous said...

Sounds pretty treacherous out there! Good luck in the race though! Hope you can live up to your no. 1 billing!

Love Jonboy x

Anonymous said...

I hope you smash it Chris. Enjoy!!
The swim went very well, we covered 30 miles.
Running the Major Series tomorrow,it's never ending:-D
Good Luck!!
Simon (AMK)

Anonymous said...

How cool is that! No1, so now you have to finish first Brit which gets you 1st in age group fastest Brit, 1st Yorkshireman etc. No pressure then.
Enjoy we're all rooting for you.

Jim Anji Doug and Fiona