Sunday, 18 March 2012

Moving On

So it's farewell Baikal. For nearly a year running across Lake Baikal has occupied my thoughts and determined my training.

I think I have one last huge effort left in me and in 2013 I will be doing a multi day ultra endurance challenge. It's not finalised yet but I hope to be announcing it in the middle of this year. However, the training starts now and one thing is for sure: I will need to be fitter, stronger, better balanced and more mentally prepared than ever before. Notice that "faster" didn't feature there?!

So I have decided to take you through the training with me to give you some idea of what you have to go through as a very ordinary person without any atheltic prowess to get up to the levels required.
When you watch people do amazing things you tend to believe that this sort of thing is not possible for you. When in fact it is.

It's called the Iceberg effect.

If you only look at the end result it seems to be on a different planet from one's own perceived capability. If, however, you look at the thousands of hours of practice, preparation, sheer blood and guts hard work then you can start to see that if I did that then maybe the end result is actually achievable.

Then the challenge becomes more mental - I can do this, my body can do this if only I can force myself to do the training and to keep doing it when it hurts and when you don't feel like it. So in essence you have to really want to do it - but if you do, then with determination, persistence, support and guidance you will amaze yourself.

Ignacio told me that when he annouced to his friends he was running the Baikal Ice Marathon he expected them to say "fantastic - can we come too". Instead they thought he was a lunatic. Which baffled him - and baffles me! I know people from more than one part of my life who refer to me as their go-to lunatic. I can't understand why you woudn't want to take on these challenges!

And so the training challenge -  I split it into four areas that I must improve substantially over the coming year:
  • Running - endurance, multi-day endurance, style, - and some speed so that I don't lose it all
  • Strength - relative, absolute, working on known weaknesses (esp. calves, right foot, hips)
  • Core - including balance, proprioception
  • Mental - developing belief, visualisation techniques, coping strategies

I will elaborate on these in the coming weeks and log the training I do. I will also bring you some more video runs when I venture into the Peak District and other glorious countryside.
If anyone wants to ask specific questions then I will gladly reply to comments on here, or indeed to emails.

Yours in training - Chris

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