Sunday, 4 March 2012

Mission Accomplished

All went well yesterday and I crossed the line in 4:23. Very pleased with that. It all looks and is flat - and by and large you run in vehicle tracks. But it really saps your energy because you sink in a bit and don't quite get the traction for the effort - just like walking on compact snow. You make decent progress but feel more tired than usual. And of course some bits were deeper snow, other bits just plain ice, and a few bits uneven, broken ice. The weather as you will see from the videos was magnificent. Cold of course, but sunny and clear. After a while you actually felt too hot - but if you slowed down or took any clothes off you quickly got very cold again. Running was fine until about 25k when I hit a bad patch (as did others) - but got going again around 30k. Actually quite harsh on knees, hips and feet. Unusually my feet were trashed by the end and required a little home surgery later on! The surface and unevenness constantly put you at awkward angles and made your feet move around too much I think. Videos have worked well - but to be honest it all looks a bit the same!! So I will stitch some together in small sections when I get home and I hope the commentary will be interesting. I've downloaded one - and it took ages (hours) so I'll leave you with just my finish video for now.

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Anonymous said...

Cracking time, well done. Hope the feet aren't to bad. I'm sure I'll get the pictures. Safe journey home.