Friday, 2 March 2012

Final Adjustments

Quick update before we start. Couple of last minute kit adjustments - took laces out of ordinary trainers and swapped them to my spikes. A bit longer so I can make sure they are really well tied. Don't want to be having to re-tie them out there. Also did a bit of good old British Heath Robinson on the video cam. It's so very cold outside that I fear the battery won't last at all - so I've insulated the back of the camera using an old bit of plastic bag and some elastoplast tape to stick it down. It might help a bit! Off to breakfast now - then we're on. Met the race director Alexei last night just outside the hotel - he told me that anyone who does not take the ritual to appease the gods seriously runs badly. So I will be taking that seriously although for some religious reason it's disappointingly milk and not vodka this year that we get to sprinkle and drink before the off.

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