Sunday, 5 February 2012

Transition Week

Not the best of weeks. A couple of decent runs with a 14 miler on Friday, but generally found everything difficult and everything hurt a bit.
I often find that when I scale back a bit prior to an event. I seem to notice every niggle and the bits that always give me trouble - right foot mainly - are just that bit worse. I also find it difficult to either not go to the gym, or to go and not do as much as usual.
Anyhow with a bit of self massage and manipulation my foot seems to be back to normal - which is pretty bad by most standards, but strapped into my running shoes I don't really notice it. And concentrating a bit more on stretching and moderate core work seems to have loosened everything off a bit.
Then the snow came down and I thought I'd get a real chance to test my shoes out. But it got so warm so quickly that there's no ice at all - just snow and underneath it either normal wet road surface or muddy tracks.
So a lovely looking run today in the snow - and a test of my neoprene socks/boots which went well. They don't stop your feet getting wet, but they keep them nice and warm which is my sole (ha!) objective. And if you watch the video you will be standing with me on a point so high that there will be nobody above us going east until you get to the Ural mountains!
And so to next week - last serious training effort with a marathon on both Friday and Saturday down in Milton Kenes. Each one 7 laps of Caldecotte lake. Really looking forward to seeing lots of old friends down there - many of them doing the full Quadzilla! No filmage there though - one lap okay, 7 - pretty boring and can't be bothered to carry my camera for a whole marathon just to film bits of one lap.
Thank you again to everyone who sponsored me last week - much appreciated and helps keep me going in the final phases of training when motivation, peculiarly, flags a little.


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