Sunday, 26 February 2012

Final Preparations

The last couple of weeks are always a mixture of excitement, fear and frustration. Frustration because you know you shouldn't overdo the training anymore,  yet you feel great. So a couple of good mid week 8 milers followed by a 14 or so yesterday morning and an excursion onto Wharncliffe Crags today. Also some light gym sessions with nothing on legs at all. Just turning up because I enjoy it really.

Lots of hand shakes and good lucks this week - some with the definite subtext that I hope you make it back .... but you may not!

I've been packing today - always a challenge when you're runnning abroad, but particuarly so this time because of the specific kit you need. You've always got to make sure that you can run with what's in your hand baggage - just in case your luggage ends up on a carousel in far Mumbai whilst you're in Irkutsk. And this time I cannot wear icespikes through Heathrow and they won't fit in my ruc sac (probably would also be considered a dangerous mace-like weapon to be confiscated!) - so have some slip on ice things I could use at a pinch over ordinary trainers, plus thermal underwear, balaclava and goggles.

The journey starts on Wednesday and hope to arrive Friday. There's not much room for slippage particularly after they brought the race forward by a day to avoid the Russian Presidential Election day. So fingers crossed.

As you can see my fundraising for Target Ovarian Cancer has gone fantastically well - many many thanks to everyone. As always your kindness and generosity is overwhelming.

And finally - another ChrisHeatonRuns video from today. It was fabulous out on the crags so merited a bit  more filming than usual. Please do pass on my blog and my videos to anyone you think may be interested.

Next post coming to you from Siberia, broadband allowing!   


Jim Meta said...

Another enjoyable video. Some stunning views, and serious hills. You do realise a frozen lake is mostly flat,(I did see some ice mounds)but I'm sure you can run around them?
Can't wait for the final installment.
Good luck, enjoy yourself and bring back an amazing story.

Stewart Taylor said...

Enjoy the moment Chris