Sunday, 12 February 2012

2 in 2 in Milton Keynes

Friday and Saturday found me in Milton Keynes running days 2 and 3 of the Enigma Quadzilla - that's four marathons in four days to you and me.

David Bayley (Foxy) could not have sorted the weather better - snow on Friday, minus 8 or so and ice on Saturday. And it couldn't really have gone much better with quite a speedy 4:07 on Friday followed by a 4:16 on Saturday. Each day is 7 and a bit laps of Caldecotte lake - which sounds dreadful but really isn't. It's quite an interesting lap with lots of wildlife (fantastic flights of geese very low over head on Friday) and of course you're always lapping people or being lapped and only ever 40 minutes or so away from drink and food.

So many friends old and new as well - the Enigma events are always fun and enjoy a really supportive, happy atmosphere. A reflection of the organiser of course.

Under three weeks to go now - I'm happy with my fitness almost whatever happens now, although I shall keep ticking over in both gym and on the road. My biggest worry is actually getting there. The journey is so long that there's not a lot of scope for delay - and of course there aren't loads of flights going to Irkutsk. As long as I can get to Moscow on time and clear immigration quickly enough I should be all right. I have been compiling a list of alternative flights just in case but they are few, and mightily expensive.

Thanks again for all your interest and support. I'm very appreciative as are the team at Target Ovarian Cancer who emailed me last week to say how much they value everything we've managed to do to date.

Here's a photo from yesterday - 1 lap to go!

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