Sunday, 29 January 2012

Winter strikes at last - a bit ...

As promised a hard graft training week. Gym every day with some serious leg work - 110kg single leg presses, 50 repetitions thereof. And a run everyday - 14 miles on Wednesday, then a 4 hour training run along the Trans Pennine Trail today being the longer efforts.
The second in the Chris Runs series of videos is being prepared and will be appended to this posting shortly. Unfortunately I didn't edit each video before stitching them together, and then it was too late - so video is a little long and lacking special transition effects. Sorry about that!
I tried the camera in a different position - still on the back of my hand, but with the lense through 90 degrees so that I could talk into the top of the microphone. You still need volume turned  up but it's definitely better.
First highlight of this week - in the gym, Richard Towers (aka "the Inferno") comes in and tells me I look to be in great shape. I didn't argue!
Second highlight of the week - a splendid evening with my old 10in10 friend Jim Meta and his lovely wife Anji. Jim, the old fool(!), is having another go at the 10in10 this year.
So - what does next week bring? Well with two weeks to go to 2 marathons in 2 days the heavy gym training is over - so ease off on the legs but still do some all round body work. And runs every day if possible but shorter with perhaps a 13 to 15 miler on one of the weekend days.
I'll also have to try to whip up a bit more sponsorship - some very generous donations this last week thank you. But from now on if you're enjoying my blog - and even if you're not - it will be illegal to do so without having made a donation!! See widget thingy on the right to get through to my just giving page. Every little bit helps - every donation be it a fiver or five hundred is so much appreciated and makes a huge difference. Thank you thank you.

So here is the video - enjoy running with me.

Finally - please cascade this blog onto anyone else you know. I do understand that "Chris Heaton Runs" is not exactly Julia Bradbury Walks. But at least I don't inflict any shots of me upon you. And even Julia hasn't walked across Lake Baikal ....

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