Sunday, 15 January 2012

Underwear Testing

A gorgeous still sunny clear and most importantly cold day dawned over Windermere yesterday. So once more round the 26.2 mile lakeside course, this time in the company of the 2012 Brathay 10 marathons in 10 days cohort on their sighting lap.
For me a long distance training run and a chance to trial what will be my Siberian underwear. It's marketed as "base" layer these days - but of course it is underwear. Did you ever think of your "y" fronts as a base layer?? At least not in that sense of the word "base"!
Before any truly horrendous images spring to mind let me set your minds and imaginations at rest - I did not run round Windermere in my "y"fronts!
Although the thought voiced that I should really be running naked to acclimatise myself to the cold resulted in running companions Stuart dropping out, and Jeff speeding off into the distance at world record pace.
I am delighted with my choice of underwear and will certainly grace Siberia with it. Warm, comfortable, no chaffing - perfect.
And the run - fuelled with 3 cups of coffee and a cup of tea on course I was surprised to last until about mile 20 before the wheels fell off - and then not too drastically. Very happy with a year opening 4:15 but frankly I'm going to have to put in a few more long hard graft training runs.
To cope with the extreme cold, awkward terrain and respiration difficulties, the running has to be a given.
So 4 weeks to my next event (2 marathons in 2 days) and in the meantime some long hard training runs. 

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