Sunday, 22 January 2012

Kit Testing

I've tested everything out today including camera, shoes, gloves, socks, balaclava etc.
I have also gained myself a YouTube channel - where I think I have successfully edited various bits of video together from my round Wortley test run this morning.
So how did it go? Well the shoes (only short test as I have no ice!) were fine - I could get them on over my triple sock layer, and I couldn't feel the ice spikes through the sole. So they are good to go.
I tried a two layer neoprene glove solution - hands certainly got very warm and yet I could still use them. I'll take ski gloves as well and do a final test out there - problem with ski gloves is it's like having sausage fingers - you can't do anything with them.
Balaclava certainly kept me hot - but also discovered that breathing is more difficult through the face fabric. This will slow me a bit out there - but I think other things will slow me more.
And finally the camera - well now I've got my own POV camera and YouTube channel .... No suggestions are either required or welcome thank you!!
Wearing it on my hand is certainly the answer - too heavy and too much movement whilst running for on my head. Also too difficult to turn off and on to preserve battery life. First filming not too bad - will need to rotate the lense a bit next time to compensate for angle of my hand. Also can't always hear my expert commentary if the wind is too strong - so may need to hold it closer if I want to talk into it.
I never really noticed it on the back of my hand - and have just ordered an extra velcro strap to use as a tether to my wrist so if it falls off, or if I need to take it off, then I won't loose it.
So everything but the running is in fine shape - need to do more long runs!

Here's the video:

And here's some kit photos:

Ice Spikes


Waterproof socks and snow goggles


Anonymous said...

Thoroughly enjoyed running with you chris. Now I don't have to bother going out there myself.

Helena said...

Insightful cow analysis...

Foxy Davy said...

Can I get a link for where you got the camera as wanna pick up one up (hope it wasn't Comet !!) Cheers Foxy