Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Where the hell did he go??

And the day dawned sunny but quite cold followed by the odd shower.
As good a day as any to run a marathon.
The day started on a sad note with the withdrawal of Phil through injury. Phil is a great guy who showed that by turning out to support us.
On a happier note - Happy Birthday to Michelle.
Once again support was the highlight of my day. Many thanks to Uncle Charles and Heather for turning up at many stops en route and also at the finish.
And to all my fellow runners from Sheffield for coming up in two car loads. A bit of a shame that you missed me at Newby Bridge, but appreciated the Chariots of Fire at mile 16 drink stop. You sort of half caught me at Bowness and Mr Connors even encouraged holiday makers to cheer for me.
The wine must have been very nice at Bowness because you also missed me at the finish!
And there was me putting on a show for you with a 4.16. Fastest by far and it's all down to the physio team keeping my 2 injuries at bay. I feel them in the first half, but today ran through them without feeling a deterioration. But I'm so well aware that I've been lucky so far.
Adam had an easy day today - 3.03! Anna continues to run under 4 hours and all going well. Aly seemed better this morning than yesterday which is incredible but I don't know how she finished.
Seriously to everyone who came to support me I hope you really enjoyed your day, seeing the ice bath, the lodge etc and the whole set up. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

4.16??? keep going at this rate and you'll be challenging Adam!! Well done


Anonymous said...

I am running out of superlatives! Well done indeed! Training, training, training, it sure pays off!

Anonymous said...

What a role model for your family! Much respect
Susan and Arthur

Stewart said...


as the great golfer Lee Trevino once said 'the harder I practice, the luckier I get'!

keep on rolling.

Anonymous said...

The wine was good but it was not in the script for you to run so fast, so our apologies for not keeping up with you. You certainly looked very comfortable today so we are all confident you will complete the 10 in 10 which already is a fabulous achievement. Well done and best wishes for the last four.

Peter Hollis said...

Well Chris

Sounds like as good a day as any to run a marathon.

So far as the abysmal performance from Sheffield fellow runners, it is just embarassing. If only I had been there to supervise. As to their excuse about you over performing - how pathetic. You were showing a clear trend fo reducing times which should have been factored in.

Your time yesterday Chris, unbelievable, well done superb performance. Seems to me the harder to push yourself the better your body performs.

Good luck today.


Jonboy said...

cracking effort dad - unbelievable Jeff!!! Hope you can keep it up and Im sure you will be able to :) x

Anonymous said...

Groossly unfair statement to say we missed you finishing as Martin has got a photo of you crossing the finish line.