Thursday, 13 May 2010

Tough day in the sun

And the day dawned sunny.
As good a day as any to run a marathon.
Today's support was Sue - fabulous to see you at the start, various points round the course and at the finish. I don't know what it is about Newby Bridge - but again I was through it before my support noticed!
Very tough day today - right knee in a bit of a mess but only need to scrabble round the next three so here's hoping.
Everyone found it tough, some sickness on the course and quite a lot of physio intervention.
I just tried to keep going although it all felt as you'd imagine it might after 7 consecutive marathons.
And the time ..... I don't know yet because our readout machine wasn't working and I don't wear a watch. I think somewhere in the 4.20 to 4.25 range. So very very pleased but it was really tough. A dig very deep to the bottom of your soul day. Roll on tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Chris, I'm in danger of becoming a marathon groupie; I wait with baited breath each day to see your blog update and hope and pray that those legs will hold out. Now I know they will,
you are an iron man! Well done!

Jonboy said...

7 marathons biggie haha. keep it up dad - am thinking about you! x

Sue said...

Great to see you today Chris, I so admire all that you and all the group of runners have achieved, amazing..hope the knee holds out. Will keep logging in to see how you are doing. Hope tomorrow is a good one. I cant believe you have done 7, awesome. Go for it. Sue

Peter Hollis said...

Well Chris only three to go and you seems to be holding up remarkably well. All downhill now so to speak. You just seem to get better.

With regard to the poor performance of the sheffield supporters yesterday I have started to interview witnesses for the official enquiry. Even at this early stage it is clear that the minds of the majority were more on food and drink than the important matter in hand. No doubt there are lessons to be learned (the first of which is not to go in to The Swan at Newby Bridge and miss the runners). I have dismissed efforts to blame you for running too fast!

All in all Chris as good a day as any to run a marathon.

Just wondering if you will break four hours now? Think running without watch spot on though.



Anonymous said...

You've inpired me Chris. I cycled ito work yesterday and ran (a whole 6 miles) into work today. Don't worry, I won't be starting a blog about my commute.

It's not strictly true that we didn't see you at Newby Bridge on Wednesday. I definitiely saw a flash of yellow out of the corner of my eye through the Bar window.


Anonymous said...

P.s. one of my colleagues has just suggested that I get of of my cloud of cloud of smug self-righteousness and get into the shower.

We're a very misunderstood group, aren't we?


Anonymous said...

Chris - you are a constant wonder to us. Can't begin to describe how proud we are to know you and how much in admiration of you (all) in what you are achieving. The finishing line so very much in sight now. What NOW we ask ourselves?! Keep well - we are all cheering from the comfort and warmth of our homes! Lots of love. Jean and Chris.

Anonymous said...

Well done mate. 7 completed and looking at my watch you're probably slogging up that hill 21 miles in about now. Hope the knee has been a bit better today.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris
Glad to hear you're still alive and that you haven't got lost. Are you planning to pick the pace up a bit tomorrow? After all you can have a rest the following day!!
Seriously though...awesome achievement. Well done.


Anonymous said...

It's been great following your progress all week Chris. Hope today was equally as remarkable as the 7 previous days. True inspiration and utter madness all rolled into one. Good luck with the final push!