Saturday, 8 May 2010

Seconds Out - Round Two

And the day dawned cold and windy - but very quickly became hot and sunny.
As good a day as any to run a marathon.
Yesterday's chip time actually 4.36, today came in at 4.48 - another sub 5 which amazed me as I didn't think I'd run any sub 5's.
Very stiff and tight right leg to start with, but got going quite freely if a little fast until about 17 when the wheels came of for both me and Jim - the other old git. So hobbled, walked and staggered the last 9. Feel okay now and massage after tea should do the trick. No injuries as such - just a bit of cramp and tightness but I'll get rid of that if not before then in the first few miles tomorrow.
Adam led the day again with 3.13, and Anna broke the women's course record with a 3.49. Phil got through with no more tendonitis problems and everyone else did very similar to yesterday. Ray managed to get lost yesterday - and he's done the 10 in 10 before!! Ray comes from Ireland.


Anonymous said...

Come on chris the machine!!! sub 5 is incredible running :) Keep it up dad x

Stewart said...

good man - already two down and only eight to go - nice and steady, nice and steady.

Helena said...

2 down!! Good work - keep going, couldn't have hoped for a better start! Love H xxx

Anonymous said...

Well Chris I expect by now you will be coming to the end of number three and really settling into it. Just another 15 massages to look forward to, hope you took enough money for the inevitable extras.

We had a long discussion about you over breakfast this morning, well we had a discussion anyway. Mark the pohysio ran with us. He went to hospital with the player who broke his toe kicking the hoarding so he is well used to dealing with nutters. Anyway most time was spent planning the trip up there later in the week. We didn't even discuss whether you would have dropped out by then so I guess we are all pretty confident.

As tomorrow will be pretty quiet, weekenders having gone home, here's a couple of things to think about:

1 Date of next general election.
2 If you stacked up £760,000,000,000 in £1 coins how far would it reach.

Speak soon, best wishes

Pete Hollis

Anonymous said...


That is such a Heatonism "Ray comes from Ireland"

Well done mate, keep going