Saturday, 15 May 2010

Phil's magic tea

And the day dawned sunny
As good a day as any to run a marathon.
So here we are at day 9. Registration for the Windermere marathon opened this morning so a lot of runners around. Lots of hushed whispers - "he's a ten in tenner" etc - really amazing and a much bigger number of supporters both at the start and all round the course.
Fantastic to not only see Gina but also Ross and Anne Oldham and (seeking redemption for Wednesday!!) Rod Vann. You all really kept me going today on another every step hurt type of day.
The biggest boost was a stop at Phil Love's mobile cafeteria just going out of Bowness - I'd almost given in to walk/run to get home, but stopped for a cup of Phil's magic tea which gave me wings for the run in and another sub 4.30 with 4.25 on the line.
So just a lap of honour left and 5 of us will become new members of the most exclusive endurance running club in the world - there will be 32 of us. I don't care if it takes 10 hours now - I'll still have exceeded my expectations and targets by miles. So I must now go for my last evening massage and I've already completed the hardest part of the week - my last ice bath, shared with Anna.
Hope to be able to do a quick blog tomorrow before a final one on Monday evening. Thanks again for all your many inspirational messages.


Anonymous said...

You mean you wont have an ice bath to celebrate tomorrow? I am so pleased for you Chris, enjoy the moment, you deserve a good long rest now before the next challenge!

NICK said...

Well Chris it's Saturday evening - so hope you only have ONE to go now and that today has been a success !! Hopefully the weather has been as good with you as it has been for us - really the first bit of summer.

I will post the 'Ode to a Marathon Man of Quality' when you finish tomorrow !

Just behave yourself in that Ice bath !! Only you could have resisted the invitation to stay in for another 5 minutes - such willpower !!

All the best

Yours 'Aye


Stewart said...

A truly herculean effort Chris - enjoy your lap of honour tomorrow!

Jonboy said...

really proud of you dad, just 1 more now - can't believe how consistent you've been! Keep it up for tomorro; shame I cant be there to support you but Ill definitely be thinking about you when you're doing that last 1 tomorrow!

Love Jonboy

Anonymous said...

Well done Chris! Another one down and in fantastic time. Good luck for tomorrow, We are so pleased for you and proud of you. Love Heather & Charles

Anonymous said...

That was a phenomenal effort Chris. You were digging really deep. I don't think I've seen anyone that grey since my Great Uncle Percy was given the Last Rites and I have to say he looked slightly more optimistic than you did at 21 miles.

You can just relax and jog home now.

Enjoy tomorrow.


Peter Hollis said...

Well done again Chris. How you can be on the verge of walking and running and still do 4.25 just beggars belief, you seem to be getting stronger. We are all so proud of you.

No doubt you can relax and enjoy tomorrow in the knowledge that it is the last one - suppose you will be sad as well.



PS Sounds like as good a day as any to run a marathon!