Sunday, 9 May 2010

Live to fight another day

And the day dawned overcast but still
As good a day as any to run a marathon.
Very difficult day. Left achilles problem at half way but the physios iced me and patched me up on course. Then must have been favouring it and my right knee started with a problem. So real slog to bring it home and very depleted from the effort. Imagine my sheer astonishment to clock another 4.47. The delights of not wearing a watch on course.
Adam led again with 3.04, Anna continued her incredible form with a sub 3.50. And everyone else performed well again.
Well must dash (ha ha) to tea now and hope I can get patched up afterwards. I will be out on that course again tomorrow.
Thanks for all the messages and comments. Much appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Ice,rest,stretch,eat,sleep!What a way to spend your annual leave,Talk yourself round slowly tomorrow, you know the words!! Mutter, mutter,, mutter,.........
All the best Jean

Anonymous said...

come on dad! You're doing amazing - Ill be thinkin about you tomorrow cos u sed its guna b a hard one :) x

Stewart said...

This is already an epic!! Come on Ben Hur, you're 30% there already - just keep going, nice and steady, nice and steady. Two more days and you're half way home. Suggest you might try running with your eyes shut - you must be familiar with the route by now!!
I'm off to watch Groundhog Day.

Sue said...

Wow what a gruelling challenge, come on body you can do it. Hope those injuries have calmed down and the physio/masseur is doing the trick ....hoping to be there to cheer you on on Wednesday or Thursday. A monumental effort, go for it, amazing ...... Sue

Anonymous said...

Well done so far Chris,we will continue to send daily tips to keep you going. Nice headgear by the way! THE DANGEROUS BROTHERS.

Anonymous said...

You'll have finished Monday's Marathon by now, I hope. so 40% finished. You'll be delighted to know that I will be up there cheering you on tomorrow. What would be most useful?

1. I could borrow a bike and cycle along giving expert advice and telling you where you're going wrong.

2. As above but instead describing in detail my last summer holiday where I got bed sores from resting on the sun lounger.

3. Hire a driver with a quad bike where I would be sitting facing you with a cool can of lager on a fishing rod just tantalisingly out of reach. The miles will fly by.

Let me know - I'm keen to help in any way I can