Sunday, 16 May 2010

Home Run

And the day dawned dull, rainy and overcast.
As good a day as any to run a marathon.

I've made it - YES YES YES!!!!

Not much left in the tank today - so finished with a 4.08 - yes that is 4.08!!!!
Fastest of the 10 by over 8 minutes.
I reckon if I carried on running one a day until Christmas I'd beat the world record!

Adam broke the record again with a 2.56, Anna is the new women's world record holder and everyone completed. A very very emotional day from start to finish, followed by prize giving etc etc.

Thanks also to Stewart Taylor who not only followed my blog throughout all the training phase, but who unexpectedly turned up on the course today and set my pace for me for a couple of miles.

I will do a final blog tomorrow evening when I get home - but for now so many many thanks to all my followers and for all the messages and all the money you have donated to what is a great cause as anyone who has been here will tell you.

And now for a small beer - or two!


Anonymous said...

Utterly magnificent! Well done to all of you,

Anonymous said...

An amazing achievement! Congratulations, Pat

Anonymous said...

Well done Chris. That's an amazing achievement.


Anonymous said...

Many congratulations Chris. You have my deepest admiration. Well done. Much love Andrea xx

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, great time today and great achievement. Enjoy the adulation.

Nick said...

Hi Chris

Much respect and many congratulations on achieving your great ambition - and over 30 mins less than your early average time on the last one - Tremendous !! As you say - an emotional moment for you all.

As promised see the "ode" below - which I hope you enjoy - the words will mean a lot ! A Tony Capstick dialogue will enhance it considerably !

Ode to the Marathon people !

Twas a very hot day in nearly june
But fer Marathon team it weren't too soon !
Training days had been a test
time had come to run their best
And there they were at appointed hour
Feeling great and full of power !
Flag went down and they were off
What an effort - proper toff's.
I seen 'em running
Thro't dust o'street,sweat o'ert brow
and pain in't feet
Heart a pumping, lungs extended
covering distance they intended.
To reach their goal were mind o'er matter
It weren't no time for idle chatter
at 'alfway stage pain began
-cramp in't calves but still they ran !
Ten more miles without a rest
Now their stamina was at a test
Many a thought - "We'll have to quit"
Me body just won't manage it !
That long last mile - it weren't a game
But it'll put you guys in our Hall of Fame
May the years ahead bring many smiles
remembering the day you ran these miles
-and We your sponsors with all accord
say these are cheques WE CAN AFFORD !
To you dear friends - We drink a toast
Marathon team - YOU GAVE THE MOST !!

Hope you can 'come down' with equanimity !

See You next Saturday perhaps - the valley run is going to seem a little tame !

Very best wishes


Anonymous said...

Well done Chris.
A fantastic achievement, and now put your feet up and enjoy your beer, I can however recommend the wine at The Swan !!! .... I look forward to hearing about your next challange !!!!


Anonymous said...

This is my first comment but what the hell, this is as good an evening as any to make a comment. What a con! Making out that 10 marathons is somehow heroic when quite clearly the more you do the easier it gets - as your times show. I would of course prove it by doing 20 marathons in 20 days but alas I wouldn't be able to get the time off work and those boring cricket people have nabbed the strapline 20/20. Anyway, I suppose it's for a good cause. Finally, in case I'm wrong about ten marathons being a doddle, let me add my congratulations to you and your coallition(in term)of marathonists for truly remarkable feats, your feets must be pretty remarkable as well. We'll miss your blogs. looking forward to reading them next year! Ross & Anne

Jonboy said...

loving life! I think is correct terminology. Congrats Dad, I told Jamie and his words were, "blimey...what a weapon." I think this is praise indeed for anyone and I think you deserve it!!!

Celebrate well tonight - you deservve it! :)

Love Jonboy xxx

Anonymous said...

Well done and I hope you can put your feet up for a few days at least. Look forward to the photos and the blow by blow.
Better be a great T-Shirt to go with this!
Keith and Sandra

Stewart said...

Good to see you out on the course today, courtesy of a friendly Officer of the Law!
I just had to check out your resemblance to great uncle Percy!
Seriously, a monumental achievement Chris, and I'm sure the small beer or two will taste pretty damned good! Well done.

Peter Hollis said...

Fantastic news Chris so pleased for you, congratulations


Anonymous said...

Well done Chris,never doubted you had the grit to to it! Fantastic achievement, you deserve the beer now, The Dangerous Brothers

Sue said...

What can I say except CONGRATULATIONS, fantastic to read you have achieved... and what a time......what a boy...... where do you go from here?? May the beers last night have reached the parts they needed to! Well done to you and all those fellow runners, an amazing achievement.

Artisan-food said...

Fantastic effort, well done.
Some piccies for you from the finish line....

Anonymous said...

Truly amazing. Well done Chris!