Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Another one bites the dust

And the day dawned sunny but became cold with a heavy hail storm - nice!
As good a day as any to run a marathon.
The day started with a nice surprise - the smiling face of Mr David Grey at the start! David stopped at every drink station for me and several of the other runners as well. And was there at Brathay at the end. A wonderful supporting effort - hope you enjoyed the day as well and a huge thanks.
A couple of tough runs today for Aly and Phil - around 7 hours I think due to injury. I'm sure they will be at the start tomorrow though and we're all hoping so. Michelle seems to be extraordinarily consistent even with injury issues.
Inspite of the 500 horses in David's Jaguar he still couldn't catch Adam - under 3 hours again! Amazingly consistent performances from Foxy, Dave W, Steve and Ray who's getting faster every day. Also Anna and Naomi still going well. Naomi has wonderful family support on route every day who support us as well. They also fuel her with Greggs pasties!
For me it felt harder today - purely energy wise (or lack thereof) so was delighted to roll home in 4.27 just ahead of Jim.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Another fantastic time. Great effort Chris,your hard work and mental strength is Herculean!

Jonboy said...

What a hero. keep it up dad :) You're a bit of an inspiration... x

Stewart said...

I'm backing a campaign for 10 in 10 to be an Olympic event at London 2012 - and you will be a gold medal contender!
Consistently impressive old boy - just keep rolling!

Anonymous said...

Had a great day yesterday as a marathon groupie. I was exhausted by the time I got home. All joking apart, you have to see the course to understand how fearsome it is. Apart from the continual danger of being knocked down on the little country roads that make up most of the run, the hills are astonishingly long and steep. One of them, (at 21 miles) is a killer. I waited at the top in a convenient layby fulling expecting Chris to walk up it. (Remember this is his 5th marathon.) Not a bit of it. Up he came with a grin on his face as he saw me lolling there eating an ice cream. He's a machine!!

If you get a chance, take the time to go and shout support. I know the runners appreciate it and it's very inspiring...... Now what did I do with my running kit??


David Pierce said...

Chris, I wanted to join the others today to see you and express my admiration but instead I'm going to a funeral. Keep it up Superman. I'm very envious.

David P

David Kearns said...

Greggs pasties are for winners. Doesn't quite have the same effect on me though! Keep it up Chris, we're all rooting for you.

Donna said...

Wow - seems like your times are getting shorter by the day! I hope Mr SMith etc didn't put you off today! Keep up the good work. Donna

Peter Hollis said...

Sounds like as good a dayas any to runa marathon Chris