Friday, 7 May 2010

And we're off...

And the day dawned a bit blustery but no real rain and some sun. As good a day as any to run a marathon.

First one down. Around 4.40 to 4.45 so exactly where I thought number one would be. But more difficult than I thought so I think number 2 may well take longer.
I think we all got through just about unscathed. Phil had a few problems with tendonitis so I was surprised to catch him up, but the physios have patched him up.
Adam did an astonishing 2.58 - the record is on. Joss Naylor was encouraging him to go for sub 3.00hr average!!
Won't write long and if I miss on future nights it's because the connection is terrible.
So off to dinner now and then a massage.
Number 1 done - a bit tired but no injuries.


Anonymous said...

Well done Chris! Get plenty of sleep,now you've got started it's just another job to complete! Hope physio looked after your legs today. Best wishes Jean and Tony.

Anonymous said...

well done dad!!! Keep it up and Ill be thinking of you over here in Spain whilst im struggling through some 30 degree sunny days ;) Hope it keeps going well :) xx