Sunday, 11 April 2010

That Nutter Again!

To one of my regular readers - that "nutter" has been out climbing those hills again with his rucksack on!!
Motivation hard to come by this week so did some different runs. 15 hard miles on Thursday pm; 18 insanely tough route on Friday pm which had me exhausted; 24 easier on Saturday am (which made 42 in under 24 hours); 18 hard today.
Not exactly unscathed, but only tiredness and a bit of muscle soreness - no injury type things. I won't get a lot fitter now - although I'm still underprepared I wish it was starting next week. Just got to maintain my form for a couple more weeks now.
Beginning to think about all the stuff I'll need to take with me for 10 days - can't think clothes washing will be high on the priority list so need to muster 10 lots of kit. Unless I use the technique mastered by Mr Merrett all those years ago in Durham and skillfully recycle again from the bottom of my suitcase!

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Julie said...

I was out pounding the hills again this Sunday but alas I didn't come across any nutters this time :) Sounds like a tough week. Hope your motivation returns for these final weeks of training. Will look out for the rucksack man next Sunday....