Sunday, 25 April 2010


Forced myself out on my long training route for the last 2 times on Friday and Saturday. It really became very difficult latterly to actually get out there and do it, but'tis now done !
Tapering beckons, Jean my physio reckons my legs are in good condition, so just got to sort out my head now ..... hang on, I've only got 11 days left!
I am certainly getting a bit apprehensive - it's all very much at the forefront of my mind and I've just got to keep believing I can do it. Not made easier by almost everyone I meet saying it must be impossible and expressing concern rather than encouragement. It's actually very interesting because by and large you can almost guess the reaction by age - younger people think it's a fantastic and exciting thing to be going for, older ones (and I'm talking my age and a bit younger) see all the difficulties and risks and can't understand it. Makes you think how you react to both your "children" and people at work.
One last blog next week on practical preparations and then the next one will be after marathon numero uno!!


Anonymous said...

I've just caught up on reading your blogs. It never occurred to me before that you find it hard to motivate yourself to run the enormous weekly distances that you do. I just assumed that you were as eager as I am when I'm driven to do something - For example, making a bacon and egg sandwich.

I also didn't appreciate how the constant concern of your friends and family to check your physical and mental health as well as your insurance cover could be disheartening. If it's any consolation,anyone who I have spoken to about this adventure inevitably has 3 views.
1. You're as mad as a bag of frogs.
2. What a fantastic thing that you're doing.
3. There is no doubt that you'll complete it.


PD said...

Chris, have to agree with David you are as mad as a box of frogs!