Sunday, 18 April 2010

Humpty Dumpty and the Volcano

Really pleased with how I was running on Friday - then the next thing I knew I'd had a great fall. Down a gravel bank that sort of gave way underneath me. Bit like falling of a bike - serious gravel rash and bruising, ripped kit. But fortunately no witnesses!
As always you struggle to your feet, swear and harrumph a bit, start hobbling and hope it turns back into running again. But whatever you do don't inspect the damage. Anyhow got going again, covered the 3 miles home pretty well and then discovered left leg was very cut up around the knee and hip with quite a lot of bruising and swelling.
And of course Gina wasn't there to put me together again because she went to see Jonathan in Granada for 2 days and is now one of the britons stranded abroad! The next plane isn't scheduled until next Sunday so she's making her way across the whole length of Spain to get a ferry from Santander on Tuesday night - hopefully!!
Anyhow back to me!! Didn't run on Saturday - but managed a 24 miler fine today so panic over! And speaking of Humpty Dumpty it looks like eggs again for tea tonight! I might manage some cordon bleu baked beans as well ...
Finally I must mention one of my fellow 10 in 10ers - the awesome Steve Edwards. Last week at the Connemara marathon Steve became the youngest person ever to complete 500 marathons aged 48. But to me much much more incredible than that is that his average time is 3 hrs 18 mins. There are loads of people out there racking up the marathons - but none of them get within an hour of this. Since he started going for it seriously he has run a marathon on average every 17 days for the last 20 years - and run them incredibly fast as well! Chapeau Steve.

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