Sunday, 28 March 2010

Uneventful Week

Nothing much to report on the running front - I just did some running! No dramas, couple of long runs on Friday and Saturday - got a bit tired and sore towards the end, but recovered reasonably for the next day and ran a good 10 miles this (Sunday) morning.
The cold/ice bath routine really seems to work - but it is agony!! Far worse than the running. Having heard me shouting at myself to endure, my daughter was insistent she saw my legs as I got out. Scarred her for life I think - she'd never seen purple legs before.
I've given up looking what the others are doing - they seem to be running doubles and triples all the time. My time lost to injury and the need to build back carefully precludes all that - I've got to concentrate on what I can do and control and so far I'm pleased in the circumstances.

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Stewart said...

Spot on! Concentrate on your own game - the doubles and the triples will be thinking that they should be doing quadruples and whatever the 'ruple' of three is!
Purple legs eh? Reminds me of my football dressing room nickname - 'lard legs' - Persil white!