Sunday, 14 March 2010

Peak Practice

Quite a good week - a couple of halves mid-week with other shorter runs. Still not entirely convinced everything's going to hold up in my lower right leg, but so far so good.
A week-end away in the southern peak districtwith friends on Saturday and Sunday - but no let up for me. Gina dropped me 20 miles out and I ran in on a hilly route. Then following a night of excess in the food and drink department I was up and off at 8.00am on the way back. Made about 15 miles before Gina caught and picked me up - pleased really as I felt good and ran faster than the previous day.
Still need to go further, but there is time and this gradual build up has to be the way.
Should be a good week next week, culminating in a trip to Windermere on Saturday for one last course recce before the real thing.

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