Monday, 22 March 2010

Mixed Fortunes

Went up to Brathay on Saturday to show Gina the locations, route etc and ran the last section of the course out and back. Probably did 13 miles or so which followed a 14 the night before. Then did a 26 on Sunday - which was okay but hard work towards the end.
But every painful step in training means one more painless step in the real thing - well that's what I'm telling myself!
Actually some of it was self inflicted - it's funny how even with so much experience you make silly mistakes. I forgot the old vaseline under my arms and on my back so what with wearing a rucsack and getting hot for the first time this year I've suffered a bit of chafage.
Also received loads of kit from Asics who are sponsoring the event on Friday. Unfortunately the one missing thing were the shoes they had promised back in January- they just don't seem to get the fact that you need time to run in 2 pairs of shoes and that now we are doing heavy mileage there aren't too many short runs to do this. So I decided I couldn't wait any longer and bought some any way.
Day off today and then back to the gym and the roads tomorrow!

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