Monday, 1 March 2010

Mini 10 in 10

Ten runs in the last ten days! Hurray - first time since injury and all pain free. Finished off with back to back 18 milers.
Two more months to go and can only get fitter, but having the usual doubts as to whether or not I'll have done enough. I know I can do more than one -but ten?? Keep on having to convince myself that it's possible for me.
It doesn't help when people are concerned for you rather than encouraging! I had to reassure a couple of older relatives that whilst I might not complete it, whilst I might get physically injured, last farewells are unnecessary!
At this stage as the running builds over the next couple of months, I'm turning towards mental preparation, visualisation, setting myself a few golden rules and things to think when the going gets tough.
I'll also be turning to the logistics shortly - 10 runs, 10 lots of kit, uncertain weather, food etc. More anon ...

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