Sunday, 7 March 2010

And then there were ....

Sad news this week that one of us has had to pull out with injury. There but for the grace etc.
Had a long chat with Steve Edwards. Steve will shortly be running his 500th marathon, has done the 10 in 10 3 times (every time) and hopes to be the first person ever to run 500 sub 3.30 marathons to coincide with the Olympics in London.
He was most encouraging saying that enormously high mileage is not the ideal and that a gradual build up and taper should see me as well prepared as I can be given my injury disruption. The key is to run long on your main runs so a marathon distance run every week from now on is the target. Which I did this week - very steady, but no complications.
Jean's massage continues to repair and maintain me for which I'm very grateful.
Sponsorship is going well - I've just got to succeed now as I can't afford to re-pay it all anymore - the peril and pressure of Just Giving!

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