Tuesday, 26 January 2010

I have a cunning plan ......

Running still sore on the old achilles, but I have been given the all clear plus a range of exercises by the event physio as long as I don't make it worse.
I've got back up to 2 hours and will extend that to 3 this weekend - but will do it offroad where I can go for longer without aggravating it. So the cunning plan is to build relatively quickly to 6 hours offroad, then repeat at this first for 2 days then 3. I have a great 6 hour route that I used for Icecland ultra preparation.
I will be all the while gradually re-introducing longer and longer road runs as my leg gets stronger. And the cunning plan is to have flipped back to road for longer runs with offroad shorter runs by the time the 10 in 10 comes round.
No doubt someone will see the fatal flaw - but I don't want to know!!!
A massive thanks to everyone who has sponsored me to date - it really is much appreciated and helps me to keep going particularly through this difficult patch.

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