Sunday, 10 January 2010

Hugely Frustrated

My achilles is still troublesome. I can't run on it yet so endurance fitness is ebbing away. The only consolation is that the weather would have prevented a lot of long distance training - certainly round here.
I've decided to take a week off running until I go to Brathay on Friday. In the meantime I'm hitting the gym to try to keep general fitness high.
So a bit of a setback - but trying to remain positive as there's still a lot of time left.


Stewart said...

Chris lad: leave the singing to me (the hills are alive...) and you concentrate on the training!
I have no doubt that you'll complete your task as long as your body holds up. The key challenge with any endurance event is upstairs and you'll be fine.
When your achilles feels better give it another couple of days.
Happy New Year!

david said...

Hi Chris, hope you are well. sorry not been in touch earlier. great to see you bashing those hills. definately want to support you in this fantastic challenge and look forward to paying out. see you at breakfast soon. dave campbell