Sunday, 3 January 2010

Happy New Year!

Poor start to 2010 - strained right achilles largely due to slithering around on ice and snow. Quite frustrating in that I really want to run, but when I do it makes it sore again. So forcing myself to have a few days off and will get down to the gym tomorrow to start rebuilding. At least no bones broken as three in our group have done.
I'm going up to Brathay mid January to meet my fellow runners and the Brathay support team. We will be getting advice on nutrition, training etc which is all starting to get a bit scary! I'm sure they will tell me my dietary solution to consuming enough calories is not scientifically proven: I've been perfecting it over the Christmas period and honed it down to Christmas cake and pork pie ...
Finally - a big thanks to everyone who has made a donation to Brathay on my behalf. Every penny is much appreciated and will force me if necessary to overcome this little set back. With every best wish for 2010.

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