Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Back on the Road Again

Enjoyed a fantastic weekend at Brathay meeting some fellow runners, getting access to our physio and nutritional back-up and being told we're elite athletes!! So much so a university is wanting to run a study on our physiology throughout the 10 in 10 - blood testing, swabs etc.
The physios and nutrition guys all work with the olympic team, premier league clubs, f1 teams - phenomenal what they do for them.
Tentatively back on the road this week - achilles still a bit sore, but with care can run without causing further damage.
Rather humbled (and terrified) by stories from last year including guys coming down to breakfast on crutches, then casting them aside on the start line to do another marathon! My approach seems rather corinthian compared to some but I'm sticking with it. Onwards we go...

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Anonymous said...

Dear Chris,

sorry not to have been in touch sooner - it sounds a fantastic challenge; hope I might be able to support in some way at the time. Trust the achilles is easing - lots of stretching might possibly help.

James Askew