Saturday, 12 December 2009

The hills are alive with the sound of .... Stewart, it's your big chance

Highlight of the week - Christmas party karaoke night in Manchester with Charterfields. Thanks Lisa, Alison et al for arranging it all and inviting me - tremendous evening!
Needless to say didn't get up in time this am for the Saturday morning run .... BUT did knock out a 21 miler this afternoon in penance.
Trying to overcome various niggles (mainly feet) with slow lower stress long distances. Also trying to fit in round various parties etc so I run virtually every day and get to the gym two or three times as well.


David Grey said...

I'm inspired by this act of devotion to sport. In fact, I've decided to emulate you in my own way and go to 10 parties in 10 nights!!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Grey, me thinks that you are getting a little old for parties, let alone 10 in 10 nights. Lol. Btw, I'm following you every step Chris, if only metaphorically. Andrea Newton